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Street Dog Digital

Location: Austin
Typical budget: $25,000-$50,000

Clients come to us for a website and leave with a better brand.

We are a digital advertising agency; a mixed-breed of creativity, strategy and tech.

Street Dog comes from big-agency lineage, though now we’re more a hybrid breed. Surely you’ve heard of “Doodle Dogs?” Bred for brains and charm, without all the groomed looks and allergic reaction? Priced sensibly and worth every penny? Almost us. We borrowed those traits and chose to live on the streets. No fences. Savvy, lovable mutts. That’s us. We’re the new breed of interactive advertising agency, with more than 23 years of award-winning, big-brand experience with intent to bring Kennel Club expertise to more regional budgets.

We’re fairly new on the scene and in this day and age, that’s a huge positive. Street Dog operates a collaborative network of experts in varying disciplines. We are not simply a web development firm, devoid of ideas or untrained design. We’re the proper mix of tech and ideas. As such, our agency is uniquely poised to work with most any small to medium-sized business (and the occasional big-business project), employing any tactic available. Low overhead saves our clients money. This is the new way of advertising.

Most of us sell something. One something might be better than the next, but the why in what you sell is what draws customers in; “the why” is the relationship and your true point of difference. Kids don’t eat sour candy just because it tastes good, though that’s what they’d tell you. They eat sour candy because it gets ‘em…right there in the back of the jaw, and waters their eyes. Strangely, that’s the attraction. That’s “the why.” Discovering and articulating this is our job. We believe there are truths waiting to be uncovered for you, and then communicated via appropriate channels.

Street Dog builds (or re-builds) your brand by developing specialized, integrated ideas that combine “the why” and those insights into strategy, creative, and then appropriate tactics. Glimpses of who you are and why you do what you do stack up, creating a pillar amidst your market. Your something becomes the something. This is what we do.



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