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The Salty Olive

Location: Sacramento
Typical budget: $3,000-$10,000

Hi, my name is Sunni, and I founded this business for the love of design. But that is where the story of me ends, and the story of you begins… for this business is not about me… it’s about you. And to be even more frank, it’s not about you OR me, it’s about that beautiful thing-you-do, and how that thing-you-do comes through in this world. That’s why I am all about not just “getting you a web presence”, but about bringing out your true presence on the web. The heart of your business is unique and unrepeatable, and there is an audience out there that is meant just for you… I’m here to connect you with that audience, and also with that heart, so that thing-you-do can really shine through.

It is precisely for that reason that I am not going to launch into a smarmy speech about why you need me over the competition, or why I am somehow better than the ten million other options available to you when it comes to building a website…for it simply isn’t true. When you are absolutely clear on what that-thing-you-do is, it becomes clear that there really IS NO COMPETITION. I know, I know, but let me explain: it is the same for your potential customers as it is for you right at this moment reading this page, you will know if I am right for you because you will feel the resonance right away, or you won’t. The idea of competition is nothing but a weight that hangs on the beauty of your business, it distracts you from focusing on the heart of what you do. The truth is there is no “better-than” or “worse-than”, there are just right fits for right people at right times. Every piece of the puzzle has its place. So I will not tell you I’m the right fit for you… you will be the one to tell me that. But if you’re still on the fence, have a look at my FAQ's section for answers to all the questions you almost forgot to ask. »

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