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Darkhand Artisanz

Location: Kansas City
Typical budget: $3,000 and under

There is no substitute for well thought-out planning and execution of any endeavor in marketing and public relations ... especially logos, crests, overall graphic design in terms of illustrations and advertising pieces ...the means by which you put your endeavors before a critical and often cynical audience. The world is a serious place full of serious competition. At the bottom of the heap are those who failed to plan ... or failed to follow the plan through to completion ... usually because of impatience, and a wish for immediate gratification ... as opposed to a commitment to long-term success. Success is not achieved through half measures or random efforts ... success comes only through persistence, and clear focus on the objective. It requires a commitment, and requires a firm belief in the value of what is offered ... anything less is nothing more than a short-term 'grab' ... a get-in — get-out mindset. Long-term thinkers are those who willingly invest in themselves, invest in what they produce, and have high confidence in their own skills, abilities and products. From inception to execution of such worthwhile endeavors many things are required to promote and reward that sincere commitment ... one of which is having good tools ... welcome to Darkhand Artisanz

Mission Statement

If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and a successful relationship is a symbiotic one — a win-win. Our focus is to consistently produce high quality graphic design and illustration, well designed web sites, human-centered public relations strategies and writing that is clear, informative and useful to anyone. Therefore our success is achieved by; Ensuring your image is wholly yours and distinct from "the crowd". Often this involves customizing repetitive information to different target audiences. The objective is to effectively place your unique image and message in front of your audience's eyes ... then into their minds and hearts ... from where the most defined results will spring in the shortest time. Ensuring your message is written in language and phraseology appropriate to the destined ears. A Chief Executive Officer's ears listen for different subtleties than do those of a Project Foreman in the field. Conservatives hear messages differently from Liberals, and women are impressed in ways unique from men. Your written message must also preempt possible rebuttals and must certainly distinguish itself from competitors ... who are also anxious to win favor within the target market. Ensuring your visual information is clean, professional and on-topic ... effectively complimenting accompanying text and your overall message. At times stick figures can provide a far more informative visual message than the most beautifully taken photograph ... at other times the photograph can evoke a powerful emotional response that colorizes your message and motivates the viewer to action ... it's about deciding what to use and when ... and in what combination ... tactics ...tactical communicating! Ensuring your carefully-planned operation goes into effect where it needs to be ... in front of the intended audience. On the world wide web this means being on top of search engine results. It is generally accepted that anything past page two of search returns is equivalent to not being there at all. Search engine optimization is complex, but when the telephone, facsimile and email are all ringing with calls from around the world, the optimization expense pales in comparison. Where print is concerned, choosing the medium and quality of production are as important as the quality of the content ... you don't sell a Mercedes with a clip-out coupon any more than you would promote a craft fair with a glossy, full-color brochure

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