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Digital Ammo

Location: Chicago
Typical budget: $25,000-$50,000

We, Digital AMMO, are a small group of professionals made up of A-list players whom all have a singular goal in mind – to produce outstanding digital products for those with discriminating tastes and the highest standards. We’re not so obnoxious to proclaim ourselves as the industry’s best but we do feel our abilities and products are among the finest in the digital realm and certainly competitive with the handful of other firms that also focus on quality over quantity.

It’s important to note that Digital-AMMO is family owned and operated. This is a very important element of who we are and who we’re not. Despite the stunning projects we deliver, those looking for the glitz and glam of an agency type experience will be disappointed. You’ll quickly discover that we keep our day to day affairs simple by managing each project with a pragmatic mindset and efficient methodologies.

What you’ll end up getting from us is a no nonsense client experience and jaw dropping products that will add measurable value to your company. Thanks for checking us out, we look forward to working with you.


1. 9 our of every 10 of our clients hire us from different states and more recently, different countries.
2. We built our company around a digital infrastructure. In other words, physical location is not an issue.
3. We think of Chicago as our home base but have staff working from 9 different states. We’ve found that the best talent is sometimes located in obscure corners of the USA.
4. Our digital infrastructure allows us create agency grade (or better) products without the agency price tag. This is because we invest into services and technology rather than a bunch of fancy offices.
5. We’re picky about what projects we take but more on this in the clients section.

Quality. Desirability. Results. These are the three cornerstones of our belief system and we’re rather uncompromising when it comes to these fundamentals. At times prospective clients will insist upon rushing the job to save either money or time. As such, they’re OK with negating the first two cornerstones but somehow expect the third to be upheld. Very puzzling indeed but rather than waste energy deconstructing this mindset, we’ll simply state that if you are of this way of thinking please do not contact us. We’re not interested in pursuing projects that lack the appropriate attention to each of our cornerstones.

Quality married with beauty is something that every person can sense. These underpinning characteristics are sought after, deeply alluring and even sensual. Something identifiable as a mixture of beauty and impeccable quality sets the tone of the entire engagement, speaking volumes of ones character and sense of purpose, invariably elevating their cause, whatever the subject matter may be. Whether it’s the impeccable saddle stitching and sweet smell of the supple ivory epsom leather of the rare Hermes Birkin bag, the gleam on the sapphire crystal key fob as you unlock your Aston Martin DBS followed by the solid “thunk” and isolating ensuing silence when closing the door, or the gentle afterglow on the tip of your tongue tasting ever so slightly of black currant and sun ripened strawberries after taking a sip of a 2008 Armand de Brigand Brut Rose. We really could go on and on about beautifully executed products in every market, say, the chrome bezel situated around the perimeter on the home button of the iPad pro but by now we think you get the idea.

The marriage of beauty and quality, of form and function is an imperative within the most visible and successful companies on the planet – the ones that end up rising to public attention and leave a mark on the world for centuries to come. We at Digital AMMO deliver this imperative within every project because making money is awfully tragic (and difficult) if they are not part of the equation. Remember that combining quality and desirability always culminates into measurable results.

Our success as a creative firm can be traced back to our collective obsession with perfection – The ever present quest to obtain this unobtainable state of being is something that each member of our team knows very well. It’s understood that we seek something unobtainable as nothing can truly be perfect but this desire for excellence has created an extraordinarily rare and deeply meaningful company culture.

We only entertain candidates that are able to demonstrate the requisite talent and devotion necessary to achieve excellence. As such, every project we deliver is instilled with a distinct sense of quality and a premium character that’s evident at a glance, even from the casual onlooker. Take a moment to look a bit closer and one will find a startling fit and finish, superior craftsmanship, uncommon ingenuity and outstanding engineering that culminates into a couture creation only available from digital AMMO.

We service companies both big and small in every possible industry but over the years we’ve noticed there’s a specific type of clientele that are drawn to us – those who desire to put their best foot forward in anything they do. Quite simply, they want to be represented by the best. Today we’re most interested in working with small to medium sized companies and well funded tech startups.

Not every relationship is a good fit and we won’t take any contract that comes our way despite any obscene amounts of money that’s thrown at us. We make a point to qualify our clients just as they qualify us. We’re picky with who we work with but not out of arrogance, we simply want the project to materialize to its fullest potential and the human component is a key factor in this.

We look for clients who:

1. Understand that a superior digital presence and associated brand is now an imperative for any business. Clients who do not value the relevance of our products are encouraged to seek another digital firm.

2. Are not a proponent to any sort of bureaucracy. We do not tolerate doing work for the sake of doing work or jumping through hoops just to jump through hoops. Although we regularly consider providing RFP’s for large corporations, we almost always respectfully decline the opportunity because of the propensity of this type of behavior within companies that exceed a certain size.

3. Are able to give us direct access to the decision makers within the company. Our CEO manages all new client intake and will not sift through multiple layers of communication to win a contract.

4. Will not require in person meetings for subjects that can otherwise be handled digitally. We are happy to facilitate initial and milestone based meetings but it must be understood that we are a digital agency with an infrastructure that draws efficiency from being just that, digital.

5. Can accept the fact that we are experts in our field of expertise and are able to step back while we work and not micro manage the creative process.


Premium web design and development for small to medium sized companies and well funded startups.

Expert mobile application design and development. User interface design. iOS and Android development.

Comprehensive corporate identities, logo development, branded print and digital marketing collateral.

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