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E-commerce Specialist | Web Designer

Location: Tampa
Typical budget: $3,000-$10,000


I know your mind is running with questions and you feel overwhelmed, trust me I know.... Does this sound familiar:

* Should we use PayPal? What other options are there?
* How should we price our products?
* What should our color scheme be for our brand? What about the logo?
* Which domain name should we get?
* Where do we get customers? How do we use advertisements?
* Do we need to hire a coder/designer to help us?
* How to build an online store from scratch?
* What is the best way to design my product pages?

The list of questions can go on and on....

Take a moment to think back to the last time you bought something online.

Did you consciously think about the design of the site?

Maybe not. If the design was doing its job, it wasn’t demanding attention. It was quietly allowing the products to shine, and helping you to make your purchase in the most seamless way possible.

Now, think about the last time you left an eCommerce store frustrated, abandoning your shopping mission before even reaching the cart.

I’ll bet design was top of mind that time. Bad design is obvious, leaving your customers confused and irritated, and costing you a sale.

If your online store is going to have any chance of beating out your fiercest competitors this year, you will need to develop a winning eCommerce strategy.

The first impression is the longest lasting!

Now having a successful online store involves more than just how the website looks—it considers how it works and the flow from one place to the next, how it tells a story and the mood it evokes.

You see successful eCommerce means getting all the details right from beginning to end.

The truth is, almost anyone can build a cart checkout system.

The real questions are:

Is it going to work right?
Is it going to have great functionality?
Is it going to satisfy your customers?

From the moment someone arrives at your store, you need to present a clear path from the landing page to checkout

This comes down to three key branding and UX elements:

* Have a hook: answer the question 'Who are you?' and hit them with the quick answer right when they arrive at your store.

* Make it easy: Customers’ expectations for e-commerce experience have gone up and you need to find a way to meet them without dumbing down or compromising your brand’s image.

* Be consistent: make sure your shopper’s experience through the purchase process is consistent with your brand messaging."

✘✘✘ The Name's Anthony Santana and I'm Ecommerce Web Designer✘✘✘

I only build eCommerce websites ...

And it's kind of exclusive.

I can't help everyone.

You need help from an expert.

You don't have time to build websites or funnels.

You aren't a copy expert.

Would you try to disarm a bomb after reading a blog?


So stop doing "marketing" on your own.

It's time to get serious with yourself.

So check it out ..

If you struggle with any of these ..

★ Home Page, About Page, Web Pages
★ Sales and Landing Pages
★ Email Funnels and Campaigns
★ Getting Clear on Your Brand Message
★ Getting Specific with Your Ideal Client
★ Social Media Marketing
★ Facebook Ads and Copywriting
★ Website Setup and Design

Then I can help you out.

But this isn't for everyone. Not even most someones.

You should contact me if:

• You are someone who takes charge of your life and owns your own success
• You want to grow from nothing into a $10,000+ per month eCommerce business
• You truly want to help people and you believe you have what it takes
• You don't make excuses because you're too busy finding solutions for problems
• You are unique and you want the world to experience you for who you are

This IS NOT for you if:

• You aren't ready to take control of your business, your success, and your life
• You'd rather pretend you're making progress by doing it all on your own
• You aren't willing to invest in yourself or your success in order to get ahead
• You don't need someone to take the marketing burden from your shoulders

It's gonna take effort and investment.

I can overhaul your systems, facelift your brand, turn your entire life around.

I know how to do it because I've done it before.

There's a secret to make it happen.

Message me and I'll tell you ..


This isn't just copywriting ..

It's built on storytelling ..

Not just any story.

Your story.

I can help you with other stuff too.

What stuff?

Message me and I'll tell you.


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