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FortySeven Media

Location: Knoxville
Typical budget: $10,000-$25,000

"It could be so much better."

That's where it began, really. We were working for a small agency in our home town, doing all sorts of jobs. From national campaigns to the most mundane of business forms, we honed our chops under tight deadlines and low budgets. Both our clients and our employers were happy, but we were constantly pushing for the opportunity to do better work. Design wasn't just a job for us, it was our craft. We loved it.

It was then, early 2004 to be more precise, that we started FortySeven Media. It was a slow start. We worked nights and weekends for quite some time, hoping our mad scientist like obsession for design would pay off. And it did. The business began to grow as God blessed us in this crazy dream of ours.

When you really love something, it drives you crazy not to be able to give it your best. And in that sense, we were on the crazy Autobahn, pedal to the metal.

So here we are several years down the road. Armed with our creativity, a couple of Macs, and our jungle cat reflexes, we've tackled challenge after challenge. We learn and grow with each job, always looking forward to the next adventure.

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