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Location: Seattle
Typical budget: $10,000-$25,000

Glean is a creative agency based in Seattle, WA with an office in Asia. Our focus is to provide creative and development solutions for Non-profits, NGOs, and Do-Gooders. We have partnered with some of the most innovate organizations in the non-profit market. Some of the services we provide include: design, website development, app design and development, copywriting, custom reporting/Analytics and social media marketing. Some of our clients include: Splash, Hagar International, FHI360, and The World Bank.

Our Values:

Do the Right Thing

We don’t compromise on quality, ethics or responsibility. Whether that’s taking the time to develop software from the ground up, or looking at the broader social impact of the story you want to tell; from top to bottom we make sure we do the right thing. Not just because it’s nice to be nice - we’ve learned that doing it right from the very beginning embeds a value in your work that money just can’t buy. Doing the right thing raises our game, and raises yours. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

People over Profits

We’re people-oriented. That means we value our staff, and make sure they know it. And it means our clients should know they’re special. We limit the number of organizations we work for so we can invest in the relationships we’re committed to. If we’re working with you, it’s because we’re excited about your work, and we want to enhance it by establishing a partnership between us.

Always be Curious

Our staff are innovators who love to try new things. We’re always researching and engaging with the best thought in our field to see how we can go further and do more for you. We like finding out what we don’t know, and then making it work for you. That means our work will be both exciting and professional, surprising and perfectly-judged. We study and practice so we can take what’s great and make it better.

Work Creatively

Out of curiosity comes creativity. Our work for you will be driven by our desire to solve problems inventively, because the best solution to your problem is the next one. Creative solutions are the ones you don’t expect; they’re the ones that make reputations and magnify your impact. We’re proud of what we make, and we never want to give you the same old, same old when we can give you something that’s uniquely built for your unique needs.

Keep it Simple

We want our work to be something you can use right away. So when we make a solution for you, we’ll make it as simple as possible. We’ll distill your ideas and aims into systems that are accessible and straight-forward. Then, when you need to grow, we’ll make sure that growth is measured and carefully thought-out. We believe our solutions are most effective when they are most elegant, and so we’ll take every step with care.

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