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Connaxis Creative Outsourcing

Location: Buenos Aires
Typical budget: $10,000-$25,000

Our four core business units are
- Creative Design
- Web Development,
- Internet Marketing
- Support.

Our agency is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Given the favorable exchange rate, close time zone to the US, and Argentines’ keen sense of aesthetics we can offer the best price/quality ratio.

Our creative team is comprised of nothing short of rock stars, we have project managers and sales staff that are from the US and speak English with out accents and our developers really know how to work magic.

All of this is provided under our “white labeling” program, so your company can get the street cred while enjoying the Connaxis Brand Protection Guarantee: We consistently deliver on time, on spec and on budget. Your brand value will be protected with no stress over deadlines, poor quality or miscommunication.

Also, we give you the ability to expand your services menu with out having to add additional staff or overhead. Our Internet Marketing team is stellar and keen on all those new acronyms a web company should know – SEO, PPC, PPO, etc.

If you are seeking some programming power to add to your services list. We’ve got it! Just a few examples:

Wordpress project:
Drupal project:
Magento project:
CakePHP project:**

**Our Guerra Creativa is a child company of Connaxis, built completely by our programming/creative team using CakePHP. It uses crowd-sourcing technology that allows vendors to give specs for a design they want and how much they'll pay for itand designers compete by uploading their designs based upon the descriptions.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss possible projects. We are xcited to see what we can do for you!

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