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Thalassic Media

Location: San Francisco
Typical budget: $3,000 and under

Welcome to Thalassic Media

We have over a decade of experience in the web design industry. We've learned a lot in this time and seen our share of ups and downs. Most importantly, we've come to one simple understanding:
The process by which most web designers interact with their clients is broken.

Consider the following scenario based on hundreds of horror stories that we've heard from our clients and peers over the years:

* A client hires a web designer. The client knows what they want but they aren't quite familiar with the technical terminology associated with the web design industry.
* The web designer begins work on the project that they think the client wants. Things have already started to go wrong. The web designer puts in hours working on the project, increasing the overall cost of the website even though the web designer has not taken the time to fully understand the needs of the client.
* The 'finished' website is shown to the client and it looks nothing like what they wanted. The client is upset because the website does not live up to their expectations. The web designer is upset because they think they delivered what the client asked for.

The above 3 steps are repeated until the finished product resembles something close to what the client wanted in the first place.

Can you spot what went wrong? Here are some of the common mistakes that contributed to the scenario above:

* The web designer expects the client to speak in technical design terms to describe exactly what they want.
* The web designer begins work on a project before fully understanding it.
* Many hours of time are wasted and work needs to be redone again and again until the client runs out of time or money budgeted for the project. Remember, most designers charge by the hour; the client gets stuck with the tab.

We at Thalassic Media believe that it's time to start thinking differently about the process of web design. We need to improve upon how web designers interact with their clients.

We spent 6 months doing a comprehensive analysis of the interaction between web designers and their clients. We researched client feedback from dozens of different sources, drew from our 10+ years of experience, and put our heads together with other designers.

At the end of our research, we came up with what we affectionately refer to as the Thalassic Process.

The Thalassic Process boils down to 3 easy to understand steps (that you don't need a 4-year degree in Design to understand):

* Phase I: Design
o This is how the website is going to look
* Phase II: Development
o This is how the website is going to work
* Phase III: Finishing Touches
o This includes any minor changes to perfect the website and make the end result shine.

Our philosophy is simple:

* We aim to communicate effectively with you in Plain English, NOT web design jargon.
* We will make sure that we understand your needs BEFORE we begin work. This will eliminate the need for rework later on down the line which will keep the entire project on schedule.
* We do not bill by the hour. We make every effort to understand your wants and needs before we begin working on the project. We aim to make your website exactly how you want it the first time.

Just go to to learn more about the Thalassic Process!

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